Choosing the Xbox One or Xbox One S

The Leading Video Gaming Consoles

Video gaming is a very big industry. Each year gamers, and parents, are faced with a decision of whether to invest in, or upgrade to, a new gaming console. The top choices include: Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360,  Nintendo Wii U, and Playstation 3. Since the introduction of its flagship gaming platform, Microsoft has continued to upgrade. The Xbox One was upgraded to the 1TB and now the most recent launch, the Xbox One S. Nicknamed Slim, the Xbox One S is the most compact yet. It is 40 percent smaller than the original, and it includes a built-in power supply. Microsoft added an IR blaster for increased accessibility.

All About Xbox One

There are many websites dedicated to reviews, discussion, and buying video gaming consoles. One of the lesser known sites we found is All About Xbox One. This site has a good description of the Xbox One, its features, and the Xbox One bundles. This post, Why Upgrade to XBox One 1 TB Bundle – (My Review) is very thorough. It gives a great description of the 1TB console and the various Xbox One 1TB bundles available. A second page on that site, Xbox One vs Xbox One S – My Review is also good. This one helps answer the question of whether to upgrade again.  If you previously upgraded to the Xbox One 1tb, then should you upgrade again to Xbox One S . They’re worth checking out.

Xbox One vs Xbox One S

In a nutshell, the conclusions are as follows.

When it’s all said and done, the Xbox One S should be primarily viewed as a slimmed-down version of the Xbox One. The new version introduces a mildly updated controller and provisions for 4K display. However, it’s not going to warp you into a state-of-the-art gaming experience. Pragmatically, you’re probably better off nabbing an older Xbox One, which are now being sold at fire-sale prices. However, this is the advice for first time buyers. If you have an interest in bundled games and aren’t saving your pennies for 2017’s Project Scorpio, the Xbox One S is a good gaming and entertainment deal.

xbox one s

With an internal power supply and up to 2TB of internal storage, the Xbox One S is the most advanced ever. However, existing owners have no reason to grab one. One exception is if they’re desperate to own an Ultra 4K HD blu-ray player. Also, if they really want that tiny boost in the power the Xbox One S provides is another exception.

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